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Spanish SuperCopa 2017 
Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 

Clasico Spanish Supercup final 2nd leg

SuperCopa date 1st leg: 15th or 16th August 2017 (date not confirmed)
Kick-off time: not announced yet
Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu stadium Madrid
Where to watch: 

2nd leg of the Spanish Supercup 2017.  FC Barcelona (Spanish Cup winners) play Real Madrid (Spanish league winners) in two 'clasico' matches to decide the Spanish Supercopa. This is the first Supercopa clasico since 2012-13 when Real Madrid won on goal difference.

The Spanish Supercup is played in August every year and is a two match encounter between the winners of the previous seasons Spanish La Liga and the Copa del Rey to decide the Spanish Super champions - supercampeones de España.

This year the Spanish Super Cup final is played between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid (games between these two teams are called 'clasicos') over two matches, first at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on 12th or 13th August (final date not confirmed) and then at Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid on 15th or 16th August (final date not confirmed)

If a team wins both La Liga and the Copa del Rey titles, then the league winners face the Copa del Rey second place runners-up.

When Barca are in the SuperCup final, it's a great opportunity to see new signings of FC Barcelona in action in one of the first football titles of the Spanish football season. 

Where to watch in Spain. If you are in Spain, then you can usually watch the Supercopa match free on one of the public TV channels and usually on TV3 in Catalunya.

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