FAQ Is water safe to drink in Barcelona?

Is it safe to drink tap water in Barcelona?

Tap water barcelona. Drinking water Barcelona. Is tap water drinkable in Barcelona? Yes. Tap water in Barcelona is safe to drink and to use for cooking. Some people don't like the taste of Barcelona tap water much, but the water is completely safe for drinking and cooking and won't upset your stomach. Restaurants serve bottled water, not tap water.

If you want to improve the tap water taste and are living in Barcelona for an extended period, then we recommend getting a water filter of the Brittas kind, which is sold in most hardware stores and hyper markets and in Ikea stores. This both saves you money and effort buying and carrying bottled water and it is more environmentally friendly.


Is it safe to drink water from Barcelona public fountains? Yes, it is safe to drink the water from the public drinking fountains which can be found in many places in Barcelona. If you drink from the public drinking water fountain near the top of Las Ramblas street in Barcelona called La Font de Canaletes, then the legend is that you will always return to Barcelona.

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