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Punt Verd - recycling

Punt Verd - recycling
Take your old clothes, TV set, books, kitchen oils etc to one of Barcelona´s Punt Verd recycling centres and you´ll get a discount on your water bill! The first time you go just ask for the form to fill out. After some days you get a little card that then you show every time you go and you will get the discount. And you´ll help other people and the environment! There are two kinds of Punt Verd recycling centres in Barcelona - Punt Verde de Zone (district) and Punt Verde de Barrio (neighbourhood)

The Punt Verde de Zona are bigger, the Punt Verde de Barrio ones can be reached on foot, are smaller and do not take everything that the zona ones take.

This tip is from 2009

go Click here to open a list that shows the types of Punt Verd centers.

go Click here to go directly to a list of Punt Verd district recycling centres in Barcelona.

go Click here to go to a list of Punt Verd neighbourhood recycling centres in Barcelona

here´s a list: