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Barcelona Metro map
Printable Barcelona Metro map 2017. Click on the links below to open and download printable Barcelona Metro maps, which you can saved to your PC, tablet or smartphone. The Barcelona metro network is fast, clean, reliable, good value and very safe at all times. But be aware of pick-pockets on metro lines passing through the city centre. Pickpockets can be in metro stations, on the platforms and in the train carriage. Keep your belongings safe. Keep bags closed and close to you. Be wary of distractions and secure your belongings before engaging in conversation with strangers. For more advice on read feature article on avoiding pickpockets in Barcelona

Printable Barcelona Metro Map  
This A4 printable map only show metro stations in central tourist part of Barcelona

PDF Printable map full Barcelona Metro Network
This printable map shows all metro stations and lines in Barcelona

Metro opening times:

Monday to Thursday, Sundays and public holidays:
Barcelona Metro open 05.00 to 24.00

Fridays and days before public holidays:
Barcelona Metro open 05.00 to 02.00

Saturdays and evenings before 1/1, 24/6, 15/8, 24/9:
Barcelona Metro open 24 hours non-stop

December 24th Christmas Eve:
Barcelona Metro closes at 23:00

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