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Event Description

Divendres Sant Good Friday 2016
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Viernes Santo - Barcelona - public holiday

Event date:  Friday 25th March 2016
Event location: 
Easter Good Fridayparades Barcelona

Good Friday Barcelona Viernes Santo 2016. Good Friday Easter processions in Barcelona. Read more about Easter week in Barcelona. The Good Friday public holiday in Barcelona and Spain is called "Viernes Santo" in Spanish and "Divendres Sant" in Catalan. There are three nice Easter processions in Barcelona on Good Friday
that start from two churches.  In the Raval area the first Easter Good Friday Viernes Santo processions start from church “Iglesia de Sant Agustí” on Plaça Sant Agustí  in the Raval area of Barcelona at 17.00 with two Easters floats and processions. The other Easter procession in Barcelona is from the “Iglesia de Sant Jaume” on Carrer de Ferran in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, which starts at 19.00 hours on Good Friday. These three procession meet in front of Barcelona's cathedral in the Gothic area at around 8pm - 20:00. Easter mass is celebrate at all churches in Barcelona but some ceremonies are by invitation only due to the high numbers of tourists. The most popular Easter churches to visit in Barcelona are the Santa Maria del Mar church or Basílica de la Sagrada Família or the Barcelona Cathedral and outside Barcelona the Santa Maria of Montserrat Basilica on Montserrat mountain

Guide to
Barcelona Easter events and Easter tradition

View FULLSCREEN map Barcelona Easter week - Semana Santa

Good Friday processions Barcelona

Viernes Santo processions in Barcelona. The first Good Friday parade in Barcelona starts In the Raval area at the church “La Iglesia de Sant Agustí” on
Plaça Sant Agustí  It starts at 17.00 hours with a very nice procession with two "paso" floats and around 300 participants and musicians. At 19.00 at the church “Iglesia de Sant Jaume” on Carrer de Ferran in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona another Good Friday Easter procession starts at 19.00 hours. To celebrate mass visit to the gothic Santa Maria del Mar church or the Barcelona Cathedral or the famous Sagrada Familia. For Palm Sunday decorations visit "Feria de Ramos" on the street Rambla de Catalunya

2016 Good Friday - Iglesia de San Agustín
Processions by Hermandad del Gran Poder y la Esperanza Macarena
Paso Cristo: Nuestro. Padre Jesús del Gran Poder
Paso de Palio: María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena
Start: 17.00
Iglesia de San Agustín, Plaça Sant Agustí, 2, Raval
At 20:00 both processions meet in front of Barcelona cathedral with the procession of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias

Finish: around 22.30 same place
Procession routePlaça Sant Agustí, La Rambla, Santa Ana, Portal del Ángel, Arcs, Plaza Nova, Avenida Catedral, Boters, Pi, Plaza del Pi, Cardenal Casañas, Boqueria, Hospital and Plaça Sant Agustí

2016 Good Friday - Iglesia de Sant Jaume
Procession by Hermanidad y Cofradía de Nuestra Señora de las Angustias
Paso: Nuestra Señora de las Angustias - Our Lady of Sorrows
Start: 19:00 Iglesia de Sant Jaume in Gothic area on Carrer de Ferran 28
At 20:00 they meet in front of Barcelona cathedral with the procession of la Hermandad de la Macarena
Finish: 23:00 at Iglesia de Sant Jaume
Procession route:  
Iglesia de Sant Jaume, Ferrán, Plaza San Jaime, Bisbe, Avenida de la Catedral, Boters, Portaferrissa, Ramblas and Ferrán, Iglesia de Sant Jaume

2016 Good Friday - Santa Maria del Mar
Procession at Santa Maria del Mar basilica
Start: 09:30 Via Crucis procession
Procession of Stations of the Cross.
Procession routeSanta Maria del Mar, Fossar de les moreres, Pg del Born, Carrer del Rec, Carrer Bonaire, Carrer Rere palau, Marques argentera, Pla de Palau, carrer Espaseria and finish as Santa Maria del Mar

2016 Good Friday - Barcelona Cathedral
Service and procession at Barcelona Cathedral
Start: 15:00 Sermó de les Set Paraules. 
The Bearers of the Holy Christ of Lepanto bring the Holy Christ to the front of the Cathedral to be adored by the faithful at 15:00 on Good Friday.
A Canon reads the Sermon of the Seven Words, discussing the last seven words said by Jesus before his death

Start: 18:30  Via Crucis procession on Avinguda de la Catedral
Procession of Stations of the Cross on the Avinguda de la Catedral
Procession route:  On Avinguda de la Catedral

The processions and services listed above are the most central and of most interest to visitors. There are also Easter processions in Gracia, Horta-Guinardó, Les Corts and Sant Marti districts of Barcelona, which are a little further from Barcelona city centre

Cofradia 15+1 Easter processions

Easter processions in the Hospitalet suburb of Barcelona. 
The biggest Easter processions in Barcelona are in a suburb of Barcelona called Hospitalet de Llobregat, which is outside the city centre, but easily reached by metro on blue L5.  It was here in  Hospitalet in 1977 that a group of homesick Andalusians were watching the Easter processions in Sevilla on TV. They missed the wonderful processions of southern Spain and decided to start their own Easter processions in Barcelona. They formed the "Asociación Cultural Andaluza Cofradía 15 +" - the brotherhood Cofradía 15+1. The 15 is the number of original organisers and the 1 was added later to symbolise the town of Hospitalet. This is the only cofradia in Spain that organises all six Easter "paso" processions that mark the death and resurrection.of Christ. What also makes the Cofradia 15+1 unique is that their Easter processions are completely secular and have no church involvement.  Around one million people usually follow the six Cofradia Easter processions, but not many tourists attend

Pictures Cofradia 15+1 Semana Santa Hospitalet

Viernes Santo - Good Friday.

08.30  Paso de Jesús Nazareno
Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows)
21:00  Paso del Cristo de la Expiación
(The Atonement of Christ)
Starts: Carrer del Moli - nearest Metro station: Can Vidalet on Blue line L5

Easter celebrations near Barcelona
Easter processions in Catalonia can be found in many smaller towns that are 1-2 hours by car or train ride from Barcelona. Here are some suggestions for you. To find trains to the towns and villages mentioned below, visit the Renfe cercanies website

Easter at Montserrat monastery
The spectacular Montserrat Royal Basilica is about 1 hour from Barcelona. Visit Montserrat monastery website for details of processions and mass services during Easter.

Easter in town Mataro 
Matatro is 30 minutes north of Barcelona on the Maresme coast. Mataro organises impressive Good Friday processions, especially at “Basílica de Santa María”
usually at 21:30

Easter in city Girona 
Girona has an impressive Good Friday Easter procession at 22.00 from the Girona Cathedral gates.

Easter in city Tarragona   Google map

Tarragona is a city 1 hour south of Barcelona by car or train. Tarragona has many Easter traditions including the "Armats" of Tarragona, which are legions of Roman soldiers who march on Good Friday in preparation for the Holy Burial procession usually around 20.15. This custom dates back to the year 1550. This is inspired by Tarragona's Roman origins as an Imperial city. Tarragona still has impressive Roman ruins including a Roman amphitheatre by the sea and Roman circus.

Website Tarragona Semana Santa

La Danza de la Muerte de Verges

La Procesión de Verges. Dance of Death" - "La Dansa de la mort" in Catalan langauge and  "La Danza de la Muerte de Verges" in Spanish language.
Verges is a village near the Costa Brava in Catalonia, where they celebrate an ancient and unique dance of death every year in the evening of Easter Thursday - Maundy Thursday during Easter week. The procession is to the beat of drums and participents carry scythes, ashes and clocks. Participants perform a spooky dance in skeleton costumes or robes to symbolise the final judgement after death when it is decided if the soul goes to heaven, to purgatory, or to hell. One of the more strange Easter traditions! It is very popular to watch and the thousands of spectators pay an admission fee to watch the procession which is in the medieval village and on the walls and towers.

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