Quit smoking Spain

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Spain

Quit smoking Spain

How to stop smoking in Spain and how to quit smoking in Barcelona.

Spain can be a challenging place to stop smoking because there seem to be more people smoking here than in many European countries. Perhaps that is the good weather that which means you see more people smoking outside than in colder climates. Also it is still legal to smoke on cafe and restaurant terraces in Spain and finally cigarettes are still cheaper than in many other European countries. A packet of cigarettes in Spain costs around €4.50.

Spain only recently banned smoking inside bars and restaurants and started to raise cigarette prices. Less than 10 years ago it was very common to see people smoking in all public places even though smoking was not permitted there.

So although Spain is catching up with modern attitudes to smoking and still has a way to go to prevent many young Spaniards from smoking.

If you want to quit smoking in Spain all the smokers around, can be a challenge to quitting. Cold Turkey is the best method, but it's not easy by yourself, so we recommend that you get help to quit smoking cold turkey.

If you are an English speaker then there many good options to get help to stop smoking in Spain in Englsh including several effective methods like the new How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey book from the Stepbac® method ( which was developed in Barcelona, Spain) From 2017 you can sign up forStepbac® intensive 5 hour quit smoking seminars in Barcelona - and other cities in Spain on request.

Here are our top tips about how to stop smoking in Spain:

Stop Smoking Tip 1

Get help. Don’t stop smoking by yourself. Modern research now proves that willpower alone is a not good way or a long term way to quit Smoking Cold Turkey. But quitting cold turkey is the best way and if you know who to do it then you will not find it as hard as you thinkg. But try reading books like “Stepbac® from Smoking” before you quit cold turkey. 

Stop Smoking Tip 2 

Stop completely cold turkey rather than trying to gradually cut down smoking. A full cold turkey stop is better than cutting back. Modern research shows that cutting down makes stop smoking more painful and you are more likely to start smoking more especially if you cut back but then never stop. Of course smoking 2 cigarettes a day is better than smoking 20 a day, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you have quit if you only smoke 2 a day. You are still a smoker. Cutting back is a painful process that will often only be temporary and cause suffering and irritation throughout the day as you pine for the next cigarette. Stopping smoking should be all out and Cold Turkey! But as we said in Tip 1 – get help to stop smoking in Spain. It’s not easy by yourself, but when you know what and how to stop smoking you will find it much easier. Books like “Stepbac® from Smoking” can help you quit cold turkey.

Stop Smoking Tip 3 

Don’t use nicotine replacement methods like gum or patches to stop smoking. That might work in the very short term, but you will still have the nicotine cravings which mean you are more likely to light a cigarette in the future. Nicotine is what keeps you addicted to smoking, so taking nicotine in another way, like in gum, is like putting sugar in coffee instead of tea. It’s the same drug. There are methods to stop smoking without staying hooked on Nicotine.

For more information about Quitting smoking in Spain and Stepbac® Stop smoking courses in Barcelona, contact Stepbac® on their website.


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Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Spain

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