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Typical Catalan phrases - Catalan Glossary useful words E-mail
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Typical Catalan phrases 

Here are a few Catalan phrases and words you can use when talking to local residents in Barcelona

Gràcies - Catalan - thank you
Moltes gràcies - Catalan - Many thanks
Bon Dia! - Catalan - mean good day or hello

Bona tarda - Catalan - good afternoon
Bona nit - Catalan - good evening
Hola - Catalan/Spanish - hello
Vale – Spanish - means Ok
Perdoni! - Excuse me (before asking) 
Si us plau! - Please

Força Barca - Catalan - means Up with Barca the Barcelona football team
Visca Barça - Catalan - means Victory for Barca
Salut! - Catalan - your good health - drinking toast
Txin txin! - Catalan - drinking toast
Salut i Força - Catalan - drinking toast like "cheers"
Cambrer / Cambrera! - Waiter / Waitress
Sóc vegetariàna / vegetariàno - I am vegetarian
No menjo porc - I don’t eat pork

Adéu - Catalan - goodbye
T'estimo - Catalan - I love you!
Bon Nadal i feliç any nou - Catalan - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Bon aniversari - Happy Birthday
Quant val? - how much is this?

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