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Olympic swimming pools Montjuic E-mail

Swimming pools Montjuic Barcelona

Swimming pools on Montjuic hill Barcelona

There are two outdoor Olympic swimming pools on Montjuic hill in Barcelona and a private sports club with an outdoor pool. Please note this page only has information about the swimming pools on Montjuic hill.  Find other public swimming pools in Barcelona and or visit fitness centres in Barcelona with indoor and outdoor pools.

> MAP Montjuic swimming pools

> MAP 2013 World Championships pools on Montjuic hill

> 2013 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona

Piscines Bernat Picornell
Outdoor and indoor swimming pools. O
pen all year.

The Bernat Picornell swimming pool on the mountain of Montjuïc is the flagship of Barcelona’s swimming pools. This gym and swimming centre was opened in 1970 for the European swimming championships, and was remodelled and modernised for the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. This pool will be one of the main venues for the 2013 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona

go   Bernat Picornell swimming pool on Montjuic hill

Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc
Outdoor Olympic diving & swimming pool
. Open July and August

The Barcelona diving and swimming pool has one of best swimming pool views in the world. It was used by Kylie Minogue as the location for her music video "Slow" in 2003. The outdoor Olympic swimming pool was designed by Antoni de Moragas and built in 1992 for the diving events of the Barcelona Olympics. It is only open to the public in July and August, but the diving section is closed to the public, so you can only swim in the pool next to the diving pool. The Olympic diving and swimming pool has a seating capacity of 4.100 spectators and the panoramic views of the city provide a unique backdrop for diving events,
The pool was designed as a competition pool only and does not have a fitness centre or other facilities. The changing rooms are not in good condition, but hopefully it will be renovated for the 2013 FINA world championships. There are no sun-beds or deck chairs for sunbathing so bring a thick towel to lie on.  There is a small cafe with chairs and tables that serves refreshments. 

go   Location Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc
go   Pictures Montuic Olympic diving pool

Club Natació Montjuïc
Members club on Montjuic with outdoor pool.

Club Natació Montjuïc is a members only sports club with fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool which is covered in the winter. It has a fantastic location on Montjuic mountain. The membership fee is around 185 for the initial fee and around 60 euros per month.  Club Natació Montjuïc is not open to the public, but this is also the venue of Golf Montjuic.pitch and putt golf club and driving range which is open to the public.

  Club Natacio Montjuic
  Fitness centres and swimming pools in Barcelona
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