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Event Description

Grand Rua de Carnaval Barcelona  Tweet this All Barcelona events
La Gran Rua de la Ciutat - Barcelona

Event date:
Saturday 1st March 2014

The Grand Rua de Carnaval Barcelona does not exist anymore in the old format. There are still carnaval processions in Barcelona on Saturday 1st March 2014.

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2014 Barcelona Carnival parade. The Grand Rua de Carnava event does not exist anymore as part of the Barcelona carnaval, The central parade of previous editions of the Barcelona Carnival was called "La Grand Rua de Carnaval" and also called the "Rua central." The Gran Rua was a big parade of decorated carneval floats and carnival groups with more than 2000 people from 35 carnaval groups from many different barrios and associations of Barcelona and around 35.000 spectators.

From 2011 it was decided that the Gran Rue would not the be central part of the carnaval, because the municipal goverment of Barcelona did not consider the Gran Rua parade to be a traditional and historic element of Barcelona carnival tradtions. No no central parade, but there are still over 30 smaller but equally festive carnaval parades throughout the carnival days in various areas of Barcelona. Read more and find Barcelona carnival processions >>> 2014 Barcelona carnival guide

If you want to see soome festive carnaval parades then head for Sitges, a popular holiday resort town just south of Barcelona, where they celebrate carnaval in the same period as Barcelona. The Sitges carnaval is famous for its extravagant style and the centre of Sitges is a big carnival party.

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Various locations in Barcelona
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Grand Rua de Carnaval Barcelona
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