BCN Languages - Gracia

Plaça de Gal·la Placidia, 22, 08006, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Fontana L3
City District
Gracia: Gracia
+34 932384516
+34 934150273
BCN Languages  - Gracia
BCN Languages. Spanish school in Barcelona with flexible timetables, native and qualified teachers. Small groups with students from all over the world. BCN Languages has various in Barcelona. This is BCN Languages in Gracia area of Barcelona. Find other BCN Languages schools

School Size: Medium
Location: 10 mins from centre

1 class hour: no info
Maximum number of students in a class: max 11
Cultural classes: Yes
Social activities: Yes
Accommodation service: Yes
Free internet access: Yes
Other services or facilities: heated and air-conditioned classrooms, free access to the Internet, library and snack area.

Sunday, 03 December 2023