Barcelona Cable Park

Avinguda Diagonal, 1, 08019, Barcelona
Barcelona Cable Park
Barcelona Cable Park. The wakeboard cable park in Barcelona is at Parc del Forum's bathing area called Banys Forum just north of Barcelona’s beaches. See GPS map CableSki Barcelona. This cablepark is in the sea, but is protected from waves by Parc del Forum’s concrete breakwaters.

Due to the limited space available in this location Barcelona Cable Ski is a “two tower” system, which means that it has has one cable tow-rope that goes out and back on the same cable route. A two tower cable ski park is ideal for learning and practising kitesurfing water-starts.

You can let yourself stop and sink down into the water when the tow-rope changes direction - and then let yourself be pulled up again. It is also good for practising jumps.

Barcelona Cable Ski in Park del Forum has two “two tower” systems, each with a jump ramp and rails in the middle. The Barcelona cable ski park opened in 2011 and is open all year round. Max 5 users per hour and price is €15 an hour. You can reserve online.

There is also a bigger cablepark in Castelldefels 30 minutes south of Barcelona.There are around 160 cable parks in total around the world and over 60 of them are in Germany, where cable skiing was invented back in 1959 as long ago as 1959. Other activities for adventures lovers in the Port Forum area include include Barcelona Jetski Rentals and Bosc Urbà - urban adventure park