Castell dels Tres Dragons

Passeig de Pujades, 3, 08003, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Arc de Triomf
City District
Eixample: Eixample D
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Castell dels Tres Dragons
Castell dels Tres Dragons Barcelona. Castillo de los Tres Dragones. Modernist building in corner of Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona called "Three Dragons Castle." It was built between 1887-1888 as a Café-Restaurant by Catalan modernist architect Domènech i Montaner in 1887 built for the Barcelona Universal Exhibition in 1888.

The name is derived from the title of a comedy play by Serafí Pitarra. Since 1920 the Castell dels Tres Dragons has housed the Barcelona Zoology Museum which is part of several science museums which together form the Barcelona Natural Science Museum.