Jardins de Joan Brossa Popular

Plaça de Dante, 08038, Barcelona
City District
Sants-Montjuic: Montjuïc
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Jardins de Joan Brossa
Jardins de Joan Brossa. Joan Brossa Gardens. Named after Catalan poet Joan Brossa. (all the parks on Montjuic hill are named after Catalan poets.) Lovely park on Montjuic hill on area which used to be a former Montjuïc fun-fair. Great for picnics in an uncrowded and quiet park with nice views of Barcelona.

The park has many interesting species of trees and four lovely statues of famous entertainers from the former funfair dotted around the gardens which are statues of Catalan clown Charlie Rivel, Charlie Chaplin, the Barcelona flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya and Barcelona gymnast Joaquim Blume.

Nice park for kids too as there are playgrounds and play areas with fun musical installations for children. The main entrance is on Plaça de Dante.