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Festes de Sant Roc de la Plaça Nova 2017

Barcelona's oldest festival

Event date: Friday 11th August to Wednesday 16th August 2017
Event location: Barri de Sant Roc - Plaça Nova by Barcelona cathedral

Festes de Sant Roc de la Plaça Nova, (also called Festa Major de Sant Roc) is Barcelona's oldest festival, which has celebrated Saint Roch for an 428 years since 1589 in the neighbourhood Barri de Sant Roc - Pl. Nova. The main festivities take place on Plaça Nova by Barcelona cathedral. You can see manyCatalan festival traditions like the festival procession "El Seguici de sant Roc," - sardanas dancing - havanares sea shanty singing groups - a correfoc firerun - castellars human tower building - puntaires lacemaking - gegants giants dance from the group 'Colla de la plaça Nova' and the traditional Sant Roc dog show 'La festa del gos.' Two highlights of Sant Roc in Barcelona are the la cucanya contest, which involves walking over a greasy pole - and the drinking contest glops amb el porró llarg in which wine is drunk from a huge version of the typical spouted Catalan porró wine carafe.  

Programme 2017 Festes de Sant Roc (in Catalan)

Organised by Associació Festes Plaça Nova

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Festes de Sant Roc 2017 - Festa Major de Sant Roc
11.08.2017 - 16.08.2017
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