Las Ramblas Barcelona - overrated or worth seeing

Las Ramblas Barcelona - overrated or worth seeing

What to avoid seeing in Barcelona? Is Barcelona's most famous street, Las Ramblas, worth seeing or is it overrated and best avoided? Las Ramblas street, also called 'La Rambla', is the most famous walking street in Barcelona. La Rambla goes from Plaza Catalunya to the Port Vell harbour of Barcelona. 

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Some tourists think that Las Ramblas street in Barcelona is an overrated tourist attraction and not worth seeing. But we disagree. It is true that Las Ramblas is very busy in the summer, feels touristy and sadly there are many pickpockets, but Las Ramblas is just a street. It is not a pyramid or an medieval monastery or mountain peak. It's just a tree lined walking street with shops and cafes and we think you should see it if you are in Barcelona for severals reasons.

1 It's difficult to avoid.
Las Ramblas is a very long street that runs from Plaza Catalunya to the harbour in the middle of the old city, so you will probably be staying near it, or have to cross it while exploring the old city of Barcelona.

2 Las Ramblas is historic
Good or bad, Las Ramblas is a central street in Barcelona and if you have not walked along Las Ramblas you have not really seen Barcelona as it is today. Las Ramblas is an important part of the city history and during festivals like the Merce or Sant Jordi's day - after Barca football club victories and at Christmas, Las Ramblas becomes the main artery of the city. So love or hate it's part of Barcelona's DNA.

3 It's not always busy 
It's a lovely stroll in the early hours of the morning, or on a crisp winter day. Four. There are some nice places to visit very close to Las Ramblas like the Boqueria food market, the Columbus monument, the Palau de la Virreina, the Palau Guell, the Liceu opera house to name a few. Yes there are many tacky tourist shops and overpriced cafes on Las Ramblas, but you don't have to buy the tacky souvenirs or sit at the cafes that overcharge the most. There some quality places to be found. The city council is trying hard to attract higher quality souvenir stalls and cut down on the worst of the street entertainment and you can help by looking for the quality shops and supporting them. But it does not talk long to walk along this street and enjoy the stroll and the community feeling of being in the heart of a lovely city surrounded by people from every corner of the earth. It's worth doing for a hour or two.

So while Las Ramblas probably won't win awards for being a spectacular or breathtaking tourist attraction, we don't think it is overrated or should be avoided. It is what it is and you can't really say that you have seen Barcelona without a stroll down La Rambla.

Remember to have a drink from the Canaletes water fountain at the top end near Plaza Catalunya. The legend is that you will always come back to Barcelona.

Enjoy Barcelona!

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