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Carrer del Pi, 11, 08002, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Liceu L3 green
City District
Ciutat Vella: El Gòtic
+34 665506551
Virtual Playground Barcelona. VR Arcade. Barcelona's 1st Virtual Reality Arcade! Discover 12 awesome VR games and experiences in the VR world with the market’s most comprehensive and immersive VR systems, HTC Vive.

We offer a brand new experience as room scaled sensors track each player's every move to create stunning 360 degree views.

Manoeuvre through space on spaceships, use entire rooms as blank canvases to paint on, or stroll through the streets of Tokyo.

Virtual Reality Playground Barcelona is "immersion" redefined. The VR playground's selection of exciting multiplayer games loaded on four sets of interlinked systems lets you can go on adventures with friends and family or battle each other out in virtual worlds, making it the perfect fun-for-all group activity in Barcelona 

Located in the heart of Barcelona city centre in the gothic area, our action packed experience creates a refreshing break in between touring the magnificent monuments of Barcelona! Make a booking through our website or call us now!