Cathedral of the Sea - walking tour Barcelona

Carrer de Muntaner, 185, 08036, Barcelona
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Cathedral of the Sea - walking tour Barcelona
The Cathedral of the Sea walking tour based on book Cathedral of the Sea. Fascinating walking tour highlights the best of Barcelona's Gothic period and visits scenes from the novel "La catedral del mar" by Catalan laywer and author Ildefonso Falcones. In the 14th Century the city of Barcelona was a prosperous city; it had grown towards the shore where a humble district of fishermen put their own money and labour into building the great cathedral Santa Maria del Mar. The history of the construction of this magnificent cathedral runs parallel to the history of the heroes of this best-selling novel, Bernat and his son Arnau. They are both slaves who flee from the abuses of their feudal lord to seek refuge in Barcelona, where they can become free citizens for the first time in their lives. The young Arnau works as a dock worker, soldier and moneychanger. As the cathedral dedicated to the sea climbs to the sky stone by stone, his life changes dramatically as he makes the climb towards nobility and wealth overcoming many obstacles along the way.

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