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Ebro Delta natural park Delta de l'Ebre

Plaça 20 de Maig, 1, Deltebre, 43580
+34 977489309
Ebro Delta natural park  Delta de l'Ebre
Ebro Delta National Park Tourist Office. The Ebro Delta is the delta region of the Ebro River (Catalan language: Ebre, Spanish language: Ebro) The Ebro Delta Natural Park, called Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre, is located 200 km south of Barcelona. The river Ebro is Spain’s largest river and stretches almost all the way across Spain flowing from west to east.

For thousands of years the river Ebro has deposited soils that have washed downriver to create an enormous wetlands delta area of over 300 km2 of lagoons, salt marshes, dunes, reed beds, canals and rice fields. The rice fields produces one fifth of Spain’s rice production. The natural park is a permanent or temporary home to around 300 species of wild birds including herons, gulls, waders, terns, ducks and the exotic flocks of pink flamingos.

Even in a dry summer, the river Ebre has enough water to flood the endless kilometres of rice fields that fill delta area. The area is only 2 hours from Barcelona, but it has a very remote and exotic feel, almost far eastern, with the Els Ports peaks in the background, which were once the coastline, and rice fields as far as the eye can see.

From Barcelona the best way to visit the Delta Ebro is to rent a car.

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