Carrer de Montsió, 4, 08002, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Catalunya L1
City District
Ciutat Vella: El Gòtic
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Betawi Indonesian restaurant in Barcelona. The name comes from Batavia, which was the colonial name of Jakarta for 350 years under Dutch colonial rule. The term "Orange Betawi" refers to a person originally from Jakarta. Betawi was opened in 1999 by a fusion between Catalonia and Indonesia in the marriage of Josep Maria and Herewati P. The food is excellent, the service likewise and the location could not be better just 2 minutes from Plaza Catalunya on Calle Montsio which is the second left if you are coming from Pl Catalunya down Portal de l'Àngel.

See the website (in Spanish) for details of the menu.

Closed on Sundays.

Wednesday, 06 December 2023