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El Botafumeíro

Official Website
Gran de Gràcia, 81, Barcelona, 08012
Nearest Metro
Fontana L3
City District
Gracia: Gracia
+34 932184230
+34 934155848
El Botafumeíro
El Botafumeíro. Gracia area of Barcelona. El Botafumeíro marisqueria is a classic and traditional Galician seafood restaurant in Barcelona famous for fish dishes and oysters and generally considered to be one of the best fish restaurants in Barcelona. Not cheap with a la carte dishes from € 50 to € 70 euros, but recommended for all Spanish dishes. Mostly fish, but meat dishes too. Valet parking

Opening times:
Open daily from 13.00 to 01:00.
Valet parking

From Wikipedia: "El Botafumeiro is a famous thurible found in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (in the past similar devices were used in large churches in Galicia, nowadays sometimes is used in the Tui Cathedral). Incense is burned in this swinging metal container, or "incensory". The name "Botafumeiro" means "smoke expeller" in Galician."
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