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Carrer de Jaume I, 3,, Barcelona, 08002
Nearest Metro
Jaume I - yellow L4
City District
Ciutat Vella: El Gòtic
Ximenetas. Hungarian pastry shop in Gothic area of Barcelona. Speciality is Hungarian chimney cakes in many flavours including caramal, coconut, chocolate, cinnamon and many more. In Hungarian they are called "Kürtőskalács." The shop's name comes from Catalan translation of the cake name, ximenetas, which means chimneys. The cakes are are hollow and shaped like chimneys. Delicious.

Opening times
Monday to Thursday:    10:00 to 22:00
Friday:            10:00 to 23:30
Saturday:        11:00 to 23:30
Sunday:          11:00 to 22:00
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