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Fang Aventura adventure sports

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Ctra. de Falgons, Sant Miquel de Campmajor, 17831
Fang Aventura adventure sports
Fang Aventura has a private estate of more than 850,000 square metres, in the heart of nature, with views all the way to the Pyrenees. They have the largest paintball facilities in Spainw with 6 Paint-ball fields, and the only theme field in Spain, with 2 competition fields, 1 woodland field, 1 field with wooden huts and a real natural river to act as the frontier between the two villages, 1 western field, and 1 temple field with a pyramid in the middle (under construction).

The Fang Aventura Paint-ball team is Double Champion of the Catalan Paint-ball League, so they know what they are doing! Try it! It's fun!

Fang Aventura supplies:
Overalls, masks, distinction strips, paint-ball guns with 100 paint-balls and a monitor for the explanation and for support during the match. You only need to bring comfortable clothing and sport-shoes.

Fang Aventura is located in the district of Sant Miquel de Campmajor in the Pla De l'Estany, 10 minutes from Banyoles on the road to Santa Pau, not far from Gerona. Click on the map link for map and directions. They also offer a range of other adventure activities.

Euros 20 per person (not including VAT). Optional extra charge, 5 Euros for 50 balls
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