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Barcelona residents - queuing in Spain

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Barcelona residents - queuing in Spain. Many places like banks, post offices, medical offices etc do not have a number system for queues and do not seem to have queue lines. How do you know when it is your turn? It works like this. When you come come in ask the people waiting in Spanish - ┬┐Quien es el ultimo? - which means literally means, "Who is the last" or in other words, who is the last in line. The person, who was last to arrive before you will confirm by replying or nodding or something, and then you just have to wait until he or she has been attended for it to be your turn. Pretty clever.

You can also just say "El ultimo?" in Spanish or in Catalan "el ultim?"

Useful to know:

join the queue = ponte a la cola
to jump the queue = colarse
to queue (up) = hacer cola

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