Cim d’Àligues (Eagle’s Peak) - bird centre

Official Website
Paratge del Pi Solitari, s/n, 08182, Sant Feliu de Codines
+34 938662648
Cim d’Àligues (Eagle’s Peak) - bird centre
Cim d'Aligues centre (Eagle's Peak) is a wonderful bird centre created for the study, breeding, exhibition and free-flight of birds of prey. You can get a close look at falcons, eagles, vultures, owls and in full flight during the spectacular free-flight exhibition. The centre has a dramatic location on a cliff edge and is aptly named called Eagle's Peak. There are 100 birds of 28 different species at the centre, organised in two different zones: the exhibition area and the breeding area. Facilities include car park and cafeteria. A wonderful experience. Be sure to get there on time for the bird flight shows. Please note that commentary of the free flight exhibition is in Catalan. Visit the Cim d'Àligues centre website for information.

How to get there
The Cim d'Àligues (Eagle's Peak) - Bird Centre is about 40 km and 45 minutes drive from Barcelona city centre. Google map location