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Pl. d'Urquinaona 3,, 08010, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Urquinaona L1 L4
City District
Eixample: Eixample D
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Paradox Museum Barcelona
Paradox Museum Barcelona. At the Paradox Museum nothing makes sense, and yet everything is totally real! The Paradox Museum is a space of ultimate creativity and questioning - we are a must-see, must-experience destination for all ages. Meaning ‘contrary to expectation’ or ‘incredible’ in ancient Greek, the word paradox has come to mean opposite or contradictory to common sense. Essentially, real paradoxes are things that if true, are false, and if false, are true - they make you experience the impossible. The Paradox Museum is a great place to visit with friends, family or as a group. Located at Pl. Urquinaona 3, Paradox Museum Barcelona is in the heart of the city center. It is only a 5 minute walk to and from Placa de Catalunya. The entrance to Paradox Museum Barcelona is near the intersection of streets Pl. Urquinaona and Pau Claris, next to Ronda de Sant Pere. 

Opening times:

Monday 10:30-20:30
Tuesday 10:30-20:30
Wednesday 10:30-20:30
Thursday 10:30-20:30
Friday 10:30-21:30
Saturday 10:00-21:30
Sunday 10:00-20:30