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Caganer - Christmas crapper
El Caganer - Christmas “crapper.” Among the figures in a Catalan Christmas nativity scene called Pessebres you will find a cheeky little fellow called "El Caganer."

This is a strange and unique Christmas tradition in Catalonia. "El Caganer" is the naughty figurine of Catalan navitivy scenes. The name "el Caganer” literally translates as “the crapper” or "the shitter."

He, or she, is a an elf or gnome-like figurine wearing the traditional Catalan red cap, the "barretina" and with his - or her - trousers down showing a bare backside and what's worse - defecating.

El Caganer can usually be found somewhere in the nativity scene if you look closely. The origins or El Caganer are a bit murky, but apparently "El Caganer" has been dropping his britches to "fertilize the earth" since the middle of the 19th century at least.

This is a very popular fellow in Catalunya and generally believed to bring good luck. No famous people can escape their "Caganer" destiny. There are caganer versions of many famous people from Presiden Obama to Homer Simpson. Usually new FC Barcelona football players also get a caganer statue.

In 2013 there was some controversy because a caganer of the Virgin of Montserrat was make, which drew protests from bishops and many in the general public.

The "El Caganer" figurines are all hand-made and cost from 5-20 euros per figure depending on size. Find all the 2013 caganer figures for at or go see them for your self at the Christmas markets.

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