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Sardanas dance
Las Sardanas dancing Barcelona. The Sardana dance is the traditional folk dance of Catalonia. The sardana is closed circle dance typical to the region of Catalonia. The sardana dance originated in the north eastern Empordà region of Catalonia and its popularity spread throughout Catalonia in the 20th century.

Sardanas is danced in a circle to the music of a 'cobla' woodwind band. You can see Sardanas dancing at all city and neighbourhood festivals in Barcelona. And on every Sunday in Barcelona you can see dancing in front of Barcelona's La Seu cathedral in the Ciutat Vella (old city) of Barcelona from 11:15 to 13:00. In the summer you can see Sardana summer on Saturdays too as part of the summer Festa Catalana which is a weekly display of Catalan traditions.

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Colles Sardanistes de Barcelona y Comarques
Violetes del Bosc
Sardanes monument Montjuic hill