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BWN - Barcelona Women's Network
BWN - Barcelona Women's Network. The BWN is an ever changing dynamic group of ladies of all ages and occupations. Through our networking the club tries to make newcomers feel welcome and help them in their transition period when arriving in a new country, by providing support. All BWN members have something to share and by sharing, we can so often help someone to sort out their problems and enjoy their stay in Barcelona. The Network began in 1997 with 13 founding members and since then it has gone from strength to strength with now over a 100 members from 28 different nationalities. All nationalities are welcomed and our common language is English. The BWN is a non profit volunteer organization with social, educational ,cultural and philanthropic activities. All members are invited to volunteer and participate in the various committees so that the club runs smoothly. The more members who participate means the running of the club is made much easier and it is important to remember that the BWN belongs to all its members.