Barcelona Pipa Club

Official Website
Plaça Reial 3,, 08002, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Liceu L3
City District
Ciutat Vella: El Gòtic
+34 933024732
Barcelona Pipa Club
Barcelona Pipa Club. Translates to Barcelona Pipe Club. Classic yet trendy and cosy old world Victorian Baker Street bar in Barcelona with a private lounge for Barcelona pipe members, where they have smoking competitions and talk pipes and tobacco. The Barcelona Pipa club is also a public bar for all to enjoy. It is located on Plaza Reial near the street La Rambla. The decor is themed on famous pipe smoker Sherlock Holmes. It's a fun and central place to meet with views of the plaza and has become a popular hangout out for tourists and Barcelona residents alike. The address is in a renovated apartment on third floor number three, so no door on street but ring the sreet buzzer under the sign to get in. Music is jazzy and there are often live acts on the small cabaret style stage. So for a  cosy experience, a pipe collection including an old pipe of Dali's, some smooth jazz, a few drinks and a game of pool, then this is the place for you. Can be very full at weekend, so recommended to visit during week if you want to see it all. During week you can also take Tango and Milonga classes. Free admission.

Barcelona Pipa Club Opening times 
Monday to Thursday: 20:00 to 02:00
Friday to Saturday  22:00 to  05:00
Sunday 20:00 to 01:00