MAITEA taberna vasca Featured

Carrer de Casanova, 157, 08011, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Hospital Clinic L5
City District
Eixample: Eixample I
+34 934395107
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Maitea taberna vasca Barcelona.Maitea One of Barcelona's best pincho bars in the Eixample area of Barcelona on street Carrer de Casaonova 157, near metro station Hospital Clinic (L5). They serve around 100 different hot and cold pinchos all delicioius. Maitea Taberna can be crowded during the night, but is worth it for the great food, special atmosphere and friendly service.

Opening times:
Open Monday to Friday from 11:00 to midnight.
Saturday and Public holidays 12:00 to midnight

Friday, 22 September 2023