La Paradeta

Carrer Comercial, 7, 08009, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Barceloneta L4
City District
Ciutat Vella: El Born
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La Paradeta
La Paradeta - seafood restaurant in Born area of Barcelona. La Paradeta in the Born area a bit hidden behind the old market of Born, which is currently being renovated. This seafood eatery packs out daily because of a well deserved reputation for fresh, cheap and tasty seafood. Expect to queue even if you get there early because reservations are not possible and the secret is out! It's cheap because of the combo shop/canteen style of service. You choose your own seafood from the counter. Price are by weight. You pay up front at the bar and get your drinks and bread and a number. Then you find your own table and wait for your dish to be called. What fills La Paradeta up is the quality of the cooking and the low cost concept. The atmosphere is noisy and informal but fun.

Prices are charged per kilo. Average price per meal with wine is about 15€-25€

La Paradeta now has 5 restaurants around Barcelona. Visit the website to find them.

Opening times La Paradeta Born:

Mondays closed:
Tuesday to Thursday: 20.00 to 23.00
Friday & Saturday: 20.00 to 24.00
Sundays: 13.00 to 16.00

Sunday, 04 December 2022