Nagore shoes

Carrer Astúries, 50, 08012, Barcelona
Nearest Metro
Fontana L3
City District
Gracia: Gracia
+34 933688359
Nagore shoes
Nagore shoe store Barcelona. Nagore is a small company that designs, makes and sell organic and handcrafted shoes. The Nagore store in Barcelona is in the Gracia district. Nagore started in Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain) in 1983 selling shoes at craft markets and music festivals. The first model was the Minorcan abarcas. The Mediterranean Sea is the inspiration for the collections due to to its colourful spirit and relaxed life style. Visit the Nagore shoe shop in Barcelona where they offer two collections a year with models based on design, craftsmanship and sustainability; a conceptual fashion which lasts forever.