El Niño lottery 2023 Spain - winning numbers

El Niño lottery 2023 Spain

El Sorteo Extraordinario de El Niño 2023
The Children's Lottery

Event date: 6th January 2023
Event: time: 12:00 noon
Event location: Teatro Falla de Cádiz - Spain

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Spanish 'El Niño' lottery 2023. Sorteo del niño 2023. On the 'Día de Reyes' 6th January every year there is a special Spanish lottery draw called 'el Sorteo Extraordinario de El Niño' or just 'El Niño,' which means 'the child.'

Origin of name. The Children's Lottery gets its name from day on which it is drawn which coincides with the arrival of the Three Kings to every home in Spain.

In Spain the 6th January is the day when children wake up to see their Christmas gifts. And for the adults perhaps there might be a Christmas gift for them in the El Niño lottery.

The origins of the lottery are not quite clearly, but many date it back to 1879 when María del Carmen Hernández y Espinosa de los Monteros organised a raffle to support a Madrid hospital , called  Hospital Niño Jesús. This was very popular and eventually became a national tradition.

Though not as big as the world famous El Gordo Spanish Christmas lottery in Spain on 22nd December, 'El Niño' has a prize amount of around 2 million euros for the winning series of tickets and a total amount of around 630 million euros in prizes. 

The draw takes place on 6/1 at 12.00 in the 'Teatro Falla de Cádiz.'

You can find the winning numbers on the national lottery website or on most Spanish newspaper sites.

Good luck - Bon Sort - Buena Suerte!

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