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Las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo    

Lluvia de Meteoros Perseidas - Perseid meteor shower Spain
Where to see in Barcelona Spain

Nights of 11th August, 12th and 13th August every year

Perseid meteor shower. Shooting stars. Llàgrimes de Sant Llorenç - Pluja d'Estels. Where to see the 'Tears of Saint Lorenzo' Perseid meteor shower of shooting stars near Barcelona, Spain.

In 2018 the moon is new and will not affect viewing. The shooting stars can be seen best in 2018 near Barcelona on night of Sunday 12th August from 22:00 / 10pm with around 60 shooting stars a minute expected. 

What is Perseid meteor shower?

The Perseids meteor shower is a meteor shower of shooting stars which comes from debris left by a comet called Comet Swift-Tuttle. This comet is the largest object known to make repeated passes near the Earth. In Spain the Perseid meteor shower is called Lluvia de Meteoros Perseidas and is nicknamed Las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo 

When can you see the Perseid meteor shower in Spain?

You can see the Perseid shooting stars on the nights of the 11th to 12th and the 12th to 13th August every year in Spain, and around the world.

Why is it called Lágrimas de San Lorenzo in Spain?

In Spain the nickname for las Perseidas is 'las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo' which translates as the 'Tears of San Lorenzo' or 'Tears of St. Lawrence.' In the Catalan language they are called 'Llàgrimes de Sant Llorenç.' This nickname arose because the Perseid shooting stars dates are close to the feast day of Saint Lawrence, which is on 10th August.

It is possible see the Perseids shooting stars all August, but the nights of the 12th and 13th August are considered the optimal dates because those dates have the maximum concentration of shooting  stars.

Can you see shooting stars in Barcelona?

No. It is impossible to see 'las Lágrimas de San Lorenzo' from a location in the city of Barcelona because of the heavy city light pollution. To see shooting stars near Barcelona you must find a 'dark sky' place in the countryside outside the city and preferably away from local towns and villages. Then if there are no clouds after midnight on the dates 11th to 13th August, there is a good chance that you will see shooting stars in the night sky.

You can be lucky and see 60 to 100 shooting stars an hour at peak times if the sky is clear. Even though it is referred to as a 'shower' you usually only see shootings stars one at a time, so don't expect to see the whole sky raining with stars.  

What is best way to see shooting stars?

The best way to see the stars lie on your back - in a deckchair or sunbed or on a blanket - in a dark place and then scan the sky without using a telescope or binoculars - just with your eyes. Keep all lights like torches or car headlamps turned off to let your eye accustom themselves to the dark so you have maximum night vision. Be patient. It takes a while before you see one and if you are with others, they might see a few before you spot one.

The shooting stars can go in different directions and be anywhere in your field of vision, but if you are patient then you will see one for sure. Take an extra sweater and a blanket to lie on - or a foldable beach chair or sunbed - if you are heading inland. The temperature in Spain in August not less than 20 degrees Celcius at night, but that can feel chilly if you are inland - lying on a field or on a hilltop.

Astronomy groups in Catalonia:

Dark-sky area Albanyà near Girona in Bassagoda park
AstroGirona 1 hour from Barcelona in Caldes de Malavella and 1.5 hours from Barcelona in Palamos 
Astrobanyoles 1.5 hours from Barcelona in Banyoles,
AstroSeu 2,5 hours from Barcelona in La Seu d'Urgell  
Parc Astronomical Montsec 2 hours from Barcelona in Ager near Lleida 
Observatori Astronomic de Castelltallat 1 hour from Barcelona in Sant Mateu de Bages 
Observatori de Pujalt 1.5 hours from Barcelona in Pujalt

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