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Mother's day in Spain - date 2024

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Sunday 5 May 2024

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Barcelona & Spain


Mother's day in Spain is called Día de la Madre - in Catalan language it's called Dia de la Mare. Mothering Sunday is always celebrated in Spain on the first Sunday of May every year, which in 2024 is Sunday May 5th 2024. Mother's Day is a holiday celebrated in many countries to honor and appreciate mothers and motherhood. The origin of Mother's Day can be traced back to ancient Greece, where tribute was paid to  the goddess Rhea, the mother of the Olympian gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. 

The Roman festival of Hilaria was a spring festival celebrated in ancient Rome to honor the mother goddess Cybele and her consort, Attis. It was a joyous celebration that marked the beginning of the agricultural season and the return of spring. The festival of Hilaria was celebrated on March 25th, which was the vernal equinox in the Julian calendar used by the Romans. The festival lasted for three days and was marked by feasting, music, dancing, and games. With the arrival of Christianity, all these festivities changed to honor the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mother's Day in Spain is similar to that in other countries, with children honoring their mothers and expressing their love and gratitude for all that their mothers have done for them. In Spain, it is common for families to gather together on Mother's Day and enjoy a special meal or outing. Many people also give their mothers flowers or small gifts as a token of their appreciation. One unique tradition in Spain on Mother's Day is the 'Día de la Madrina', which is celebrated on the first Sunday in May as well. On this day, children honor their godmothers and other important women in their lives in the same way that they would honor their mothers. This tradition has its roots in the Catholic faith, where godparents play an important role in the upbringing of children.

Overall, Mother's Day in Spain is a special occasion for families to come together and celebrate the love and devotion of mothers and other important women in their lives.

Feliz día del madre! Feliç Dia de la Mare!

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