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La Mercè Falcons de Barcelona

Matí de falcons - human towers display

Event date: Sunday 22 September 2019
Event time: 10.30 parade start. 11 tower building on Pl de Sant Jaume.
Event location: Route: Plaça Nova by Barcelona Catedral, then Bisbe street to finish at Plaça de Sant Jaume
Nearest Metro station:  Jaume I station on yellow line L4

What is it? Falcons human towers display and parade by Falcons of Barcelona and Falcons of Vilanova d'Espoia. Matí de falcons i cercavila. 10.30 parade starts at 10.30am and at 11am  Falcon style tower building on Pl de Sant Jaume. Falcon human Tower building display by Colla Falcons de Barcelona. This is another kind of human tower building called the 'falcon' discipline named after a Czech tradition called Sökol, which means falcon in Czech language. 

Falcon structures were popular in Catalonia at the beginning of the 20th century, but then this kind of structure fell out of favour. In Barcelona a young group called the Barcelona Falcons revived this tradition of falcon human towers and performed first at the Saint Eulalia festivities in 2003. 

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La Mercè - Falcons de Barcelona - human towers 2019
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