What is Turrón - or torró

What is Turrón?

Turrón or torró, as it is known in the Catalan language, is Spanish nougat. It is a sweet treat typically made with roasted almond nuts, honey, sugar, and whipped egg whites.

This is a very typical Spanish and Catalan treat, which makes a great gift for visitors to Spain, Barcelona and Andorra. You can pick up souvenir Turróns in shops like Vicens which can be found all over Barcelona.

The origins of Turrón are believed to date back to the 8th century and the Moorish invasion of Spain.

The name Turrón comes from the Catalan language word torrar, which in turn originates from the Latin verb torrēre, which means 'to burn' or 'to parch.' In English we have words like Torrid and toast, which are both from the same Latin word.

Nowadays there are many different and delicious varieties of Spanish Turrón. The soft variety are called turrón blando or turrón de Jijona from the town of Jijone. The hard variety are called turrón duro or turrón de Alicante from the city of Alicante.

Turrón is always found in Christmas food baskets and among the Christmas Caga Tió presents. It's a great Christmas gift to take home for friends and family.

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