When were French troops in Barcelona?

When were French troops in Barcelona?

French troops were stationed in various locations in Barcelona during different periods of history, depending on the specific military campaigns and events. Here are a few key examples:

1. Peninsular War (1808-1814):

During the Peninsular War, French troops occupied Barcelona. They established their headquarters at the Montjuïc Castle, a fortress located on a hill overlooking the city and the sea. This strategic location allowed them to control the city and its surroundings.

2. Spanish Civil War (1936-1939):

In the 20th century, during the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona was a focal point for various factions. While the city was primarily held by Republican forces, there were some French and other international volunteers who joined the International Brigades to support the Republican side. They lived in various parts of the city, including makeshift barracks and accommodations.

The specific locations where French troops lived in Barcelona would vary depending on the era and the circumstances. It's important to note that military deployments and occupation arrangements could change over time.

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