What to wear in Barcelona in July

What to wear in Barcelona in July?

What clothes to pack for a visit to Barcelona in July 

July in Barcelona is usually very hot and quite humid with air temperatures in the shade during the day from 28C / 82F to 33C / 91F. It can even be hotter in a Spanish heatwave, so pack light summer clothes like shorts, skirts, T-shirts, sandals or flip-flops. Flips-flops are essential on the beach because the sand is burning hot from mid-day onwards in the summer.

Barcelona is a great city for walking, so bring some trainers or good walking shoes for walking around the city and if you plan any tour outside the city. When you visit inside churches like Barcelona cathedral, kindly note that is a sign of respect to cover up a little.

Please note too that the city does not approve of wearing swimwear except near the beach so we don't recommend walking around town in bikinis or shirtless. In the city it is recommended that you wear a top or you risk being fined. This is because Barcelona regards itself as a metropolitan city with a beach area, but does not regard itself as a beach resort, so if you are here for stag and hen parties you are advised to wear the beach wear on the beach only and cover up a little in the city.

Generally we recommend wearing typical light summer clothes and a good tip is to pack clothes that don't appear too 'touristy'. A good tip is to wear the same clothes that you would at home. rather than overdress in  colourful beach gear which could make you a easy mark for pickpockets who hang around the popular tourist areas. 

Read our article about how to avoid Barcelona pickpockets which has many safety tips about moving around Barcelona on foot, by car in the metro and might help you decide which bags and backpacks to bring.

Dress code for Barcelona night clubs?
The top Barcelona night clubs have a strict dress code, so pack nice shoes, long trousers and a shirt or polo-shirt. Especially the men. You will probably not be allowed in the more exclusive night clubs Barcelona if you are wearing shorts, flips-flops etc. even if they are expensive flip-flops.

Summer sales Barcelona
In July there are summer sales in Barcelona called 'rebajas' so there are plenty of great offers in the shops if you need something. Find Barcelona shopping malls.
To get more information about what to wear in Barcelona in July also we invite you to read our Barcelona weather page and you might also be interested in our guide to what's on in July in 

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