Which cities are twinned with Barcelona, Spain?

Which cities are twinned with Barcelona, Spain?

Names of Barcelona sister cities. Barcelona is twinned over 20 other towns and cities including Athens, Boston, Dublin, Istanbul, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and Shanghai among others.

Full list of Barcelona twin cities 2018

Montpellier, France, 1963
Tunis, Tunisia, 1969
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1972
Monterrey, Mexico, 1977
Busan, South Korea, 1983
Boston, USA, 1983
Cologne, Germany, 1984
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, 1985
Montevideo, Uruguay, 1985
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1985
Havana, Cuba, 1993
Kobe, Japan, 1993
Antwerp, Belgium, 1997
Istanbul, Turkey, 1997
Dublin, Ireland, 1998
Gaza, Palestine, 1998
Tel Aviv, Israel, 1998
Athens, Greece, 1999
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2000
Valparaíso, Chile, 2001
Shanghai, China, 2001
Dubai, UAE, 2006
United States San Francisco, California, USA, 2010

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