Is the Raval area of Barcelona safe?

Is the Raval area of Barcelona safe?

Is the Raval safe for tourists? Yes, but perhaps not quite as safe as other parts of Barcelona.

El Raval is a neighbourhood (barrio) in the medieval Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. Ciutat Vella means 'old city' in the Catalan language. 

El Raval is the artsy, bohemian but also slightly edgy part of Barcelona's old medieval city. For tourists to stay in we think that the Raval is generally safe and especially during the day.

It's not a "dangerous area" or a "no-go zone" but it is considered a more "dodgy" area than other parts of Barcelona's old city, so it's not as attractive for most tourists and first time visitors. 

It's fine during the day, but we would not personally recommend walking around alone after 1am in certain parts of the Raval neighbourhood. The the port and marina area, are somewhat disreputable after midnight.

On the whole however it is a vibrant and authentic area of Barcelona's old city which does add life and colour to Barcelona, so for young people it can be an interesting place to stay with many bars and cafes.

For older tourists and families we recommend other parts of the city.

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