Is smoking allowed at Barcelona Airport? Are there smoking areas Barcelona airport?

Is smoking allowed at Barcelona Airport?

Can you smoke at Barcelona airport?

No. Smoking is not allowed at Barcelona airport

There is a smoking area inside Terminal 1.

There is no smoking area inside Terminal 2.

You can smoke outside the entrance of both airport terminals.

Terminal 1 - Smoking only allowed outside before entering terminal building.. There is one open-air area with a cafe where smoking is allowed.

Terminal 2. Smoking only allowed outside before entering terminal building. No smoking areas inside.

Generally in Barcelona smoking is not allowed inside restaurants or inside public buildings, in taxis, trains, buses, planes, bars, clubs.

Smoking is also prohibited in schools, child care centers, hospitals and health centers included in open air areas of health centers.

Smoking is still allowed outside on restaurant and bar terraces and in some hotel rooms, if allowed by the hotel.

It is not permitted to smoke at Camp Nou football stadium
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