What is nearest wine region to Barcelona? Alella wine region

What is nearest wine region to Barcelona?

The nearest wine region to Barcelona is called Alella which is 15km north of Barcelona in the Maresme county within the province of Barcelona. Alella is very small and has around eight wine makers making it one of the smallest wine regions in Spain.

Allela has nice scenery and a popular winery to visit in Allela is called Alta Alella which is one of the closest winery to Barcelona situated on the Serralada de Marina’s Natural Park (Alella-Tiana), just 20 minutes away from Barcelona by car.

The biggest and most visited wine region close to Barcelona is called Penedès which is famous for wines and cava. There are eight wine producing areas in the Catalonia region of Spain which are called Penedès, Alella, Costers del Segre, Ampurdan, Tarragona, Terra Alta, Priorato and Conca de Barbera.

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