What do people eat for breakfast in Barcelona?

What do people eat for breakfast in Barcelona?

In Barcelona locals usually eat a light breakfast of coffee and croissant. Most local cafes have offers that combine a coffee and an pastry for 1.50 or 2 euro. For breakfast most people order a café con leche / café amb llet in Catalan language which is a coffee with milk made on a coffee machine with fresh coffee beans. You can order this in a decaf version too.

Some also order a smaller stronger version of the coffee with milk called a cortado / tallat in Catalan language, which is like a machiatto or a bit like an expresso with milk. If you want something stronger then order a café solo, which is like an expresso. For a large black coffee order a café americano. Mostly people tend to order cortado or cafe solo after dinner rather than at breakfast.

Local coffee places don't really offer lattes or double shots etc. For that you would have to go to a coffee chain like Starbucks or Costa's. Local places do however offer coffee to go. To order coffee to go order it 'para llevar." 

Breakfast is generally from 8am to 10.30am. Some local bars - but not many open earlier at 7am.

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