What Is the Best Way To Travel around Barcelona?

What Is the Best Way To travel around Barcelona?

The best way to travel around Barcelona is by metro. It's cheap, reliable, safe and air-conditioned. Purchase Ten ride travel card called T10 at metro stations. It is good value and can be shared between several persons. The metro is safe but be very careful of pickpockets.

Other good ways to travel round the city are by hop-on-hop-off-bus tours. Another good way is on foot. Walking is the best way for old area of the city called Ciutat Vella. Biking is also popular - you can see some of the city by bike but this is mostly practical along the Barcelona beach areas. It's not very practical to see the entire city by bike because the city is quite big and traffic is quiet fast. There are many bike lanes in Barcelona, but exercise caution and wear a helmet. 

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