What are Barcelona's public transport systems?

What are Barcelona's public transport systems?

Updated January 2024

Barcelona has several public transport systems which are as follows:

Metro underground trains
FGC trains linked to metro network
Trams, Barcelona buses
Ride sharing services
Bicing city bikes (residents only)
Hop-on buses


All Barcelona's public transport is safe, efficient and economical to use. The metro, fcg trains, trams and buses all use the same ticketing system.

The airport bus Aerobus and the tourist hop-on-hop-off buses have separate ticketing systems.

The main alternatives to public transport in Barcelona are taxisridesharing, private transfers or tourist buses.

Barcelona has a range of travel cards and city pass cards with discounts for using public transport.

Barcelona's Metro is clean, efficient and economical. Trains are heated and air-conditioned. 

Barcelona's FGC trains is a train network connect to the metro network. Together the Metro and FGC trains cover the entire city

Barcelona tram system is new but only available in certain areas of the city

Barcelona bus network covers entire city

Bicing Barcelona city bikes are available citywide but only for residents, not for visitors

Barcelona cable cars - the city has 3 cable cars

Hop-on-hop-off buses - two tourist hop-on-hop-off companies

Barcelona cable cars - the city has 3 cable cars

Taxis - Barcelona has a big fleet of yellow and black taxi

Ridesharing - Uber and Cabify operate in Barcelona

Rental bikes - Barcelona has many bike rental services.

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