What should I avoid in Barcelona?

What should I avoid in Barcelona?

Updated June 2019

Avoid pickpockets 

Barcelona is full of them. But with a few precautions you can avoid becoming a victim.
Read our Barcelona safety article

Avoid buying from street vendors

It's illegal. You are harming local residents with shops. The goods are bad quality. You might be fined or have them confiscated. You might catch something becuase they are stored in unsanitary conditions. If you feel sorry for the immigrants selling street goods then donate to charity. You are not helping them by supporting illegal and unregulated shopping.

Avoid buying beer and drinks from illegal vendors on the beach.

They store their drinks in the sewers and / or in trash containers. Highly unsanitary and completely unregulated.

Avoid Raval area in very early hours of morning and near port

Be careful in this area as this is where most drug addicts and distribution takes place. Raval is generally fine during daylight and evening hours

Avoid renting illegal apartments

Be sure your apartment or AirBnB has an official license number or you could find it closed down by authorities by the time your arrive.

Avoid low quality tour guides

The massive amount of apps and websites offering tours of all kinds, means that there are many inexperienced tour guides who offer tours. Make sure you choose guides and companies with good credentials and experience.

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