How To Take A Day Tour To Andorra From Barcelona

How To Take A Day Tour To Andorra From Barcelona


Andorra is a microstate in the Pyrenees mountains bordering France and Spain.

They are no trains or flights directly to Andorra.

There are bus connections from cities in France and Spain

To visit Andorra is 1 day from Barcelona, there are two options which are 1) rent a car and go yourself - or 2) book a 1 day tour to Andorra.

In theory renting a car is a good option, if you feel confident about driving in Spain and if you have data connection for GPS date for driving, but in practise it is a little complicated

From Barcelona it takes 3 hours to drive safely to Andorra, so when you include the time to pick-up and drop off a rental car, when you add mileage and gas costs and perhaps data costs as

Andorra is not in the EU and has very expensive roaming charges, then it's gong to be quite an expedition which probably needs 2 days to be a success and give you the time to enjoy Andorra, so this means adding an overnight stay.

If you are going to be in Barcelona, then the easiest and most practical way to see Andorra is to book a day tour.

There are only a few companies that offer day tours to Andorra from Barcelona.

These tours typically are called "3 countries in 1 day" tours - because guests get to be in Spain, France and Andorra in 1 day as well as seeing the Pyrenees mountain range.

More information about a recommended small group day tour Barcelona to Andorra day tour with a hotel pick-up and experienced guides. This is probably the best way to see Andorra from Barcelona

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