Forest fires. Smoke in air in Barcelona

Smoke in the air in Barcelona

Posted 23rd July 2012

Smoke smell in Barcelona. Forest fires near Barcelona.

There is smoke in air in Barcelona today, but there is NO DANGER in Barcelona from the forest fires in Alt Emporda located 2 hours north of Barcelona.

Althought the smell of burnt pine trees and smoke is quite strong today (Monday 23rd July 2012) in and around Barcelona, there are no fires burning near Barcelona or in the metropolitan Barcelona area.

If you are in in or near Barcelona today you can smell and see the smoke in the air from forest fires, but there is no cause for alarm to Barcelona visitors or residents although it can be a little unpleasant for asthma sufferers who are advised to stay indoors until the smoke disperses.

The smoke is from two or three big forest fires in the region Alt Empordà which is about 2 hours north of Barcelona

The biggest forest fire which is causing smoke to drift all the way south to Barcelona is near the motorway AP-7 close to the town of Figueres.

There is another smaller fire near the coastal town of Port Bou on the Costa Brava. The AP-7 highway was closed yesterday, but is open today. Trains are also operating normally.

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The smell of burnt pine trees and smoke is quite strong (Monday 23rd July 2012) in Barcelona, but there are no fires near Barcelona or in the metropolitan Barcelona area.

The fires in this region are the worst since 1986 and have claimed several lives. Our condolences to all those affected by the fires, which are thought to have been started by cigarettes being thrown from cars because the fires started very close to roads.

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