Weather in Barcelona September

Weather in Barcelona in September

Barcelona weather is usually pleasant in September and perfect for a visit. The temperature is mild and usually sunny and dry. There is lots going on in the city and the beaches are open for most of the month, but are not very crowded. Most Spanish schools start in the second week of September.

Air temperature September Barcelona

The average air temperature in September in Barcelona (in the shade) is around 25C/26C  to 77F/79F at the start of the month and gradually dropping a couple of degrees. It can drop to 17C / 62F for a few days. Generally September days in Barcelona are sunny, not too hot or humid and with light cloud cover. The average of cloudy days is around 5 days. 

Rainfall September Barcelona

Rain is rare, but you can get a day or two of rain or showers. Average rainfall is around 50-75mm for the month. Average humidity is 75% in morning and 65% in evening. There can be a storm with a sharp drop in temperature generally towards the end of the month.

Sea water temperature September Barcelona

The average sea water temperature in Barcelona in November is 24C/75F degrees so still nice for swimming. Beaches are open until mid-September.

What to wear in Barcelona in September?

Generally in September in Barcelona wear summer wear, shorts and maybe bring a light jackets or cardigan for the evenings and light summer long trousers.

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